Missional theology is [excrement]?

Rachel Eggebeen thinks so.

Or at least she things the ways some congregations and proponents of missional theology talk about it fit that description.

Let me say to the degree talk or "programming" related to missional theology simply continues to enact paternalism, white privilege or other forms of paternalism under some other label, I would tend to agree.

But then I find a good bit of talk about "addressing structures" to reflect precisely a white privilege set of assumptions as well-- one that presumes because "we" are the powerful, if "we" were just addressing the right things (structures-- which is what we think we control or at least create for everyone else) "we" can fix it once "we" have the needed input and participation of the victims of those structures we uphold to uphold ourselves. How is "addressing structures" not, in some way, yet another act of controlling the narrative about being delivered from and accepting the freedom and power to resist evil-- regardless of where we find ourselves in relation to others?

So what is the alternative-- one that would truly turn not just paternalism but every narrative misaligned with the kingdom of God on its head-- or side-- or however it needs to be turned to become more aligned?

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Peace in Christ,

Taylor Burton-Edwards