A Missional Methodist Covenant from Lockerbie Central UMC, Indianpollis




Lockerbie Central UMC in Indianapolis was incredibly gracious host to the 2009 emergingumc2 gathering. But they're more than gracious hosts. They're also living examples of a congregation that lives at the fringe on purpose, and so that seeks, as a body, to hold its participants accountable-- as a body-- to engage and encounter the ministry of Jesus Christ in their daily lives and their neighborhoods. Below is the covenant they've developed as a living document for doing this. Thanks to Jordan Updike (musician extraordinaire, Earth House instigator, and more!) for sharing it.

Note all of the "we" language here. The questions aren't about whether each individual is doing all this perfectly. They're about discerning whether and then how God is doing these things in their midst and then how they can help each other see more of that through individual and collective vision and action.

What do you see here?




Lockerbie Central United Methodist Church Rule of Life:  God, Self, Church, World  






I commit to this rule of life and to the well-being of this faith community, out of gratitude to God who forgives, heals, and makes all things new.  May my life be a blessing within and beyond God’s church, for the transformation of the world.

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