With the world changing at breathtaking speed, how can you possibly keep up?

(cue tense yet upbeat techno music in the background)

BBC World Service, on Sirius/XM Radio, that's how.

Well, if I am to believe the "ad" on the"commercial free" service Sirius/XM provides.

Glad we've got that solved. Guess I better keep my Sirius/XM subscription up to date. Wouldn't want to not "keep up." The world really is changing at a breathtaking pace, after all. If I didn't believe that rationally, that techno music in the background certainly communicates a fairly frenetic sense that it might just be the case.

But is it, really?

Is the world really changing at breathtaking speed? 

And even if it is, do I really HAVE to "keep up"? 

What happens if I don't?

What if, instead of attending to the constant stream of change that can only take my breath away, I attend to the Everlasting whose breath gives life? And what does it look like to attend to the Everlasting in the face of the stream of change?

What if instead of attending to the stories the news and other media dish up, I attend to the stories of the people I meet today? And how does it feel to attend to these immediate stories instead of those the media use to demand my immediate attention?

What do I lose?

What may be gained?

Peace in Christ,

Taylor Burton-Edwards

Photo Credit: High Speed Lights, Public Domain.