Carol Howard Merritt on Reframing Hope-- Webinar


Yesterday, August 26, Alban Institute sponsored a 1 hour webinar with Carol Howard Merrit, Presbyterian clergyperson, author and blogger (at and podcaster at GodComplex Radio ( 

You can view and hear the whole piece on playback now at the Alban Institute website here.

And, if you're impatient, you can even "skim through it" with the Webex presentation viewer to get to the specific "slides" you might be most interested in learning/thinking/hearing about.

One technical note. I wasn't able to get the viewer to work properly on Firefox 4 Beta 4. My guess is since this is still a fairly "bleeding edge" release, the viewing plugins haven't all caught up yet. But it worked just fine in Chrome. 

View, reflect-- and if you like, post your reflections here.

Peace in Christ,

Taylor Burton-Edwards