missional Methodism. where did it go?


Click right here, and you'll be able to download the presentation by the same name offered at emergingumc2 this past weekend.

For those who weren't there, no, we didn't do this entire presentation there. That would have been way to much "talking head" stuff to attempt. We actually covered in any depth about the first half or so up to the charts with the words "covenant, communit-y, -ies, context" on intersecting circles. And we didn't actually cover all of that. I left out the "geekier" slides on the specifics of worship, education and mission, for example.

And this presentation doesn't have the list of "accidents" or "emergent realities" or "peculiar providences" that led to the things that made early Methodism work. I talked about those. If anybody would find it useful, I'll post those here separately. I figure we all need to have our own "accidents" as well as learning from the better ones of the past. I think we all tend to learn more from mistakes, failures, and seredipity than from copying off someone else's game plan.

So... come and get it!

And feel free to comment or ask any questions in the comments section below.

But by all means, DO try this at home!

Peace in Christ,

Taylor Burton-Edwards