ReBe Church: Real Listening


Alan Roxburgh offers us an important twist on how we think about the use of technology, especially communication technology, in our lives and, indirectly, in worship.

You can read his recent piece, "The Chorus of Voices Screaming to Be Heard" here.

In it, Alan writes:

I thank God for long evenings, tables with great food and good wine, where we can be surprised by conversations, where voices can emerge that take us by surprise and move us to places that we could never imagine in the rush of our self imposed busyness. I love the neighborhood where I can sit down at a table on a front lawn and talk with people, amazed by them and their stories as we encounter one another in the ordinariness of an evening and conversation. Such pleasure in relationships and others far exceeds the superficiality of new technologies and social networking.

There's probably enough just there for a good conversation about the place of social networking in relationships, mission and worship.

But read the whole thing-- and let's see where it takes us.

Peace in Christ,

Taylor Burton-Edwards