Got New Worship Resources?


GBOD and UMPH will be compiling two new worship resources-- and fast!

One of them is for music for congregational singing. The other is for pieces like prayers, calls to worship, confessions of sin, affirmations of faith, seasonal resources, and the like.

Did I say fast?

If you're interested in submitting items for consideration, the first deadline is September 3!

Yes-- next Thursday.

Did I say fast?

So if you have a worship piece, send it to me in .doc or .rtf format at:
burtonedwards at gmail dot com

And use this subject line--

If it's music-- I will receive that too-- send in .pdf, and when UMPH announces where they want those sent, I'll forward it to them, too.

So don't delay! If you have stuff you want to share, send it on in!

Peace in Christ,

Taylor Burton-Edwards