Registration Now Live for emergingumc2: restoring missional Methodism


I am pleased to announce that registration for emergingumc2: restoring missional Methodism is now live!

You can access it here:

This promises to be an opportunity for community, growth, learning and new commitment to Christ, to each other, and to ministry in all the world where you are and beyond. That's not hype-- that's the plan. This isn't about 50 ways to make things better in your congregation (though you may well find more than that!). It's about ReBeing church in the early networked Methodist mode-- which is to say, about restoring missional Methodism in our own day.

So what does restoring missional Methodism mean?

Restoring means we don't have to start from scratch. We have good examples-- from history and in many of the things some of you are already doing.

Methodism means a way of discipleship to Jesus connected to the original General Rules of the United Societies or other rules of life and service that help us help each other fully live out the covenant of baptism God offers to all-- both in small groups (the only way accountability and growth will happen) and in union with the whole church "which Christ has opened to people of all ages, nations, and races." No either-or stuff here. No small groups instead of congregations, or congregations that try to create their own kingdoms through their own small groups. But both and all doing what each does best in its own integrity.

And missional-- that means we understand ourselves primarily not as "gathered" or "sheltered" but as sent. Gathering matters, yes. But for one reason-- to send us into the world "to be for the world the body of Christ redeemed by his blood."

The event itself...

Thursday, November 12
Dinner and a Movie Night: Fresh organic food plus a screening of "Ordinary Radicals" and conversation with the makers of the film.

Friday, November 13
A "plunge" into Lockerbie Central's neighborhood/mission field in the morning, lunch at Lockerbie (included in your registration), an afternoon of conversation, connection and revival, and two evening options-- on the town on Mass Ave OR a free event at a nearby church with Shane Claiborne.

Saturday, November 14
Next steps... planning and building accountable relationships to support what you'll do when you return to the mission fields you more normally inhabit.

Though the conference formally ends at noon on Saturday, Lockerbie is also offering an "extended version" that includes a concert Saturday night, Bible Study Sunday morning, and worship with Lockerbie on Sunday night. If you want the extended version, add EXTENDED to your name tag on the online registration form, and we'll know what that means. There is no additional cost from GBOD for this-- but you will need to pay for food and other local expenses if you choose to stay on.

There are strong incentives to register early. For one thing, registration is limited to the first 100 who register. For another, you save money if you register early. $35 if you register by July 30, and $60 if you register before September 2. Remember, those registration costs include two meals, reimbursement for the maker of Ordinary Radicals (Jamie Moffett), our videographer (Don Heatley), and our worship leader (Carl Thomas Gladstone), and NOT housing. Not housing because Lockerbie Central UMC will be putting you up for free.

So if you are already part of the movement to restore missional Methodism-- or you think you might want to be, or you just want to learn more-- register today or as soon as you can!

Peace in Christ,

Taylor Burton-Edwards