Open Source Liturgy Project Developers Conference 2


Safiyah Fosua and I at the worship office of GBOD are glad to announce the second Open Source Liturgy Developers Conference, to be held in Nashville, TN, April 30-May 2, 2009. GBOD covers all airfare, lodging, ground transportation and food costs for this conference.

The purpose of this conference is to train folks who will be both writers and mentors for new writers of new liturgical resources that will be made available for anyone, anywhere to use, but which reflect both the depth of ecumenical and historical norms AND the breadth and particularity of indigenous communities. This is liturgy of the people, by the people, for the whole people of God.

Our first conference back in November 2008 was a powerful success. New community gatherings are happening now or about to be scheduled to recruit and develop new writers in Portuguese, Spanish and Native American communities, and more are coming for Afro-Caribbean, Prison, Korean, Vietnamese, Appalachian, small church and university communities... plus United Church of Christ and Presbyterian Church in Canada, to name just a few.

This time around we're making the tent even broader-- with invitations out to even more people in the UMC and even more denominations.

If you think you may be a developer for this project, or know someone who might be, or just want to know more-- leave a comment with contact info here or drop me a line at worship at g b o d dot o r g.

Peace in Christ,

Taylor Burton-Edwards