The Shack... Missional or Not or What...?


I read The Shack on Monday. If you would like to engage some of my questions and critique and praise of it, go over to my wall on Facebook and go back to Tuesday (2/3) when I put up 5 wall posts with a whole bunch of citations, critique, and some praise. (If you want to see it, you'll need to become my Facebook friend-- but I'm pretty easy to find given my last name!).

Basically, I think this book, if only because it is so widely read, should be read by all of us here. Whether one likes it as literature or as theological statement, its sheer circulation/viral distribution through US culture (at least) means it's a must read to engage the conversations with all sorts of folks that it might bring up.

I don't want to get into a huge conversation about the book in general here. If you haven't read it, just go read it. If you have, don't spoil it. I think folks just need to read it.

So for here, I have just one question with three possible answers (multiple choice) and an essay portion for those of you who have read it:

Is the Christology/theology developed in The Shack missional? Or not? Or what? And if so, or if not, how so (or not)?

Peace in Christ,

Taylor Burton-Edwards