emergingumc, a gathering, 2: renewing missional methodism


Final 2009 budgets have been cleared at GBOD, so I can now announce that we DO have funding to offer the second emergingumc gathering.

We don't know exactly where yet-- and we don't know exactly when-- probably Nashville (though that could change) and probably Octoberish again (though this time we won't schedule this at the same time as Emergent!).

But we do know what-- that is, the reason to gather... to explore concrete steps that can renew missional methodism (which is a bit redundant, except, of course, that now it's not!) and examples of people and places who are engaging this work around us.

We actually have money in the budget this time for some worship leadership other than yours truly (yay!)... so I'll be talking with some of you about what we can arrange for that.

So... for now-- think renewing missional methodism, think Octoberish, and think (and pray!) about what you'll come to share and what you want to learn as we design, develop and share this time together.

Peace in Christ,

Taylor Burton-Edwards