Younger UM Clergy and the Emerging Missional Way


I just learned about a fairly new (apparently a few months old) website/gathering place for younger clergy in the UMC.

The site includes 7 videos with interviews with younger clergy who attended General Conference, many as delegates.

They have important things to say.

And there's a Facebook group as well...

Perhaps the most important of these videos for our purposes here is what Adam Hamilton has to say about the heritage of our Wesleyan theology-- which he says has always been missional and postmodern (which would be at least half right!)-- but that the challenge is that the structures that currently embody that theology don't actually match what the theology says-- though they could.

One of our more active reader/participants here-- Andrew Conard (who will also be one of the Open Source Liturgy Developers-- thanks and welcome, Andrew!)-- shows up in several of the videos as well.

So... watch the videos, see what these younger clergy (and others)have to say-- and let's continue the conversation here about where the issues facing younger clergy in the UMC and our shared passion for the emerging missional way may synergize each other.

Peace in Christ,

Taylor Burton-Edwards