One More Year (Crossing Fingers)

Hi Friends,

Well as I have been in conversation with many of you, you know that I have been working for about two years to be appointed to a new church start that would fall into an "emerging" setting. Well I received word that that appointment wont happen this year but that there is an intentional effort to cultivate "mother" congregations this year to not only give birth to the dream of a congregation God has given me, but give birth to others as well in our conf.

I am dissapointed that I will be waiting another year (this journey has been long for me) and am not excited about serving a middle sized middle class traditional church for another year. But I am excited that there seems to be a culture shift in the PNW conf. around being missional and viewing ourselves as "sent" people. I am also excited that there is a very intentional program developed and moving to create new congregations. So I'll keep serving God where I am and preaching and living "Love God, and love everybody else"

I'd appreciate your prayers as I keep holding this banner up of new church starts and emerging communities within the conference, and my own sanity :-)

Have a wonderful Easter friends!


PS: the picture has nothing to do with my post - it is just my favorite Easter cartoon :-)