UK Methodist Church's interactive prayer labryanth

I was visiting Jason Clark's blog...and he posted this on this blog....

I wanted to share it...

I am the first to tell you if something is cheesy, and this has a little flavor of cheese to it, but I loved how it forced me to take time and go through it... i fought through the first 2-3 stations (mainly because it would not let me speed past things), but after that it was a huge blessing to me and a beautiful break in my day. It took me about 30 mins to go through it all... (Warning: the music gets tiresome) so please try it out... and God bless you all!

Oh and there are several people blogging @ the Off The Map Live conference going on right now in Seattle, WA. Do a search on it in the blog-o-sphere and enjoy the free conference, heh..

Just wanting to let yall know.

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