Emerging Technology to Give and Receive


There's a new Christmas gift that I couldn't not purchase. In part, because at least half of it is not for me or anyone I am ever likely to meet.

This is going to sound like some sort of sales pitch.

"Now for a limited time
YOU TOO can get the latest tech gizmo... the XO Laptop
It's wireless, it runs on Linux, it can run on batteries for up to 24 hours,
it can be a laptop OR a tablet format...
and you can't get it anywhere in stores,
or even on eBay.

But wait, there's more...
Right now, if you agree to give one for a child in the developing world
You'll get your own for your child as well... for just $200 beyond the price of the one you give...

That's right...

The same deal we offer to the developing world
We offer to you... right now

But don't delay.
This special offer ABSOLUTELY ends November 26.
And when it's over,
it's over."

Well, they didn't put it that way at all, of course.

But I have to say, this thing is cool. The New York Times did a review of the device-- here. Laptop Magazine reviewed it here.

And the One Laptop per Child Foundation is real... and doing real good in the world.

This isn't a sales pitch from me.

Just a witness about a way to support learning in developing countries and maybe get a gift for yourself or a child you know who could use a machine like this for their own learning.

Feels like a good blend of missional and technology to me.

And an opportunity I wanted to let you know about if you hadn't heard of it.

Peace in Christ,

Taylor Burton-Edwards