Worship to Scare Folks Off....

Just ran across this tonight... had to share... posted here under the heading "Church Etiquette." I'm pretty sure the congregation listed there had nothing to do with this "helpful hint"... kinda wonder if they even know their name is associated with it.

Let's see-- attractional, bad; missional good... so what would this be... hmmm... repulsive? paralyzing? Would that be bad, or good, or bad in a good sort of way, or good in a bad sort of way, or... ? ; )

See some of y'all tomorrow night here in Nashville!

You should you never enter a church down the center aisle. If you see chairs or benches on the side walls at church, they are generally reserved for the elderly or ill. It's confusing to know when to sit and when to stand in church. If in doubt, you should stand. If you arrive at church late you should enter, but stand to the back and be as quiet as possible. When sitting, it is generally considered too casual to cross your legs in most churches. For Sunday services most churches prefer you dress nicely, not formally, with clothing appropriate for "meeting God". If you attend a new church and aren't sure how to "do" things, observe and follow the lead of other church members.