Speaking and Working for the Environment

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

Monday, October 15, is Blog Action Day. It's an opportunity for bloggers across the world to say they want the world to pay attention to finding ways we can unite to improve the climate of our planet for ALL who live upon it.

I'm going to be in airplanes (yes-- I get the irony!) and in a conference (on the Emerging Church with the Order of Saint Luke) much of the day and night, away from Internet access-- so I'm asking any of you who wish to help.

The way I see it, this is sort of like Horton Hears a Who. You never know whose "Yop" might just help those who may be trying to listen to truly hear that we are here, in unity with all the human family, calling for real ways forward.

So add your own "Yops"-- not just comments to this post, but new posts YOU start.

Peace in Christ, Lord of ALL...