SOME Presentations and Worship Things from emergingumc: a gathering... NOW with MP3 links, Don's Presentation AND Melissa's Handout


Here's a list of links to SOME of the worship things and presentations we experienced together this past weekend. As I get more, I'll post them, too.

For now, I'm hosting all of this on my own website. They'll be on a GBOD branded site later, when we figure out how we want to format all of this stuff. I just didn't want to wait to get these things out there until we've had all the meetings we'll need to have to make all those decisions.

A word about the worship services and Chip's presentation. They were created in PowerPoint, and PowerPoint does not easily embed large audio or video files into presentations offline or online. So if you want to hear audio in Chip's presentation or see video for the worship pieces, you'll need to download them separately. You will also need to view the presentation using Internet Explorer 5.5 or later or use IE Tab within Firefox. If you don't know what IE Tab is, it's a Firefox extension that lets you view pages in Firefox but using the IE rendering engine. If you don't know how to get or use extensions, just use IE.

Here are links to presentations:

Chip's PCUSA and Emerging Presentation
Audio for Chip's Presentation
Jay's Emerging Church and Arminianism Presentation
Jim's Handout (varies a bit from his presentation, but the heart of it is there) from Hot Metal Bridge
Taylor's What Is the Emerging Missional Church
Taylor's Attraction/Extraction and Missional/Incarnational Strategies
Don's Vision Community Church presentation
Melissa's Emerging in a Rural Place: Leetown United Methodist Church (.pdf file)

Here's a link to Carl's Podcast page that has a good number of our plenaries and a couple of workshops recorded live from his iPod! He's gotten rid of spots that didn't come through well-- so there are some skips here and there-- but you'll get the gist. Thanks Carl!

Here are links to worship things:
Evening Prayer Presentation
Evening Prayer opening video
Evening Prayer closing video

Night Prayer Presentation
Night Prayer opening video
Night Prayer Psalm

Friday Morning Prayer Presentation
Friday Morning Prayer Opening Video

Friday Noon Prayer Presentation
Friday Noon Prayer Opening Video

Friday Eucharist Presentation
Friday Eucharist Opening Video
Friday Eucharist Balloon

Saturday Morning Prayer Presentation

Saturday Morning Prayer Opening Video

Saturday Noon Prayer Presentation

Saturday Noon Prayer Opening Video
Saturday Noon Prayer Closing Video

More to come...