Next Steps and Trajectories


emergingumc: a gathering sparked a lot of conversations and, I think, based on your comments so far, a lot of momentum into ministry in our local settings.

While that momentum is still rolling for many of you, I'd like for us to share a bit about what we each think the next steps might be... Not what they SHOULD be, but what you think you are either READY TO DO or WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT to take whatever your next steps may be in becoming more missional where you are.

There can be as many unique answers to this as there are individuals-- indeed, even more.

I'll start...

One of the things I heard repeated several times was a focus on making the transition from attractional to missional-- and what that looks like in terms of worship, local church structure, denominational politics, and spiritual formation. If I were to put a title to a gathering like that, it would be something like "emergingumc: the transitions"...

At the same time I was also hearing that there might be some interest in another sort of "emerging101" gathering... with additional presenters, greater varieties in worship styles, and a longer period of time together-- especially unprogrammed time for conversations, Q&A, and processing.

But what I was hearing may not be what you, in your reflection since being here with us, may be thinking or asking now. No rush-- well, SOME rush so we can plan, you know!-- but do share your impressions about what next steps might be-- next steps that will help YOU where YOU are or let you offer something you might not have had the chance to this time or might have learned or tried since.

Peace in Christ,

Taylor Burton-Edwards