Worship to "lure" people

From today's On Faith section of The Washington Post:

"But mostly, leaders are hoping that all the high-tech equipment will
help lure more people to their pews and make their places of worship
more interactive and user-friendly."

Read it all here:

A friend and colleague of mine, Steve Manskar, has offered the following thoughts about this quote in particular and the article in general:

We've come to a very trying place when a writer will, in all
seriousness, conjoin "worship" and "user-friendly." As if the
worship of the living and holy God, the crucified and risen Lord of the
Universe could or, ever should be, "user-friendly." This makes me grieve
for the church that has apparently lost nearly all consciousness of the
mission of God for the world and replaced it with marketing and church
growth strategies.

The article also reference's Jim Twitchell's book, "Shopping for God"-- and there was an interview with Jim this morning on NPR. You can read or listen to the interview here. There's a link to the book via Amazon (if you want to SHOP for IT!) on the NPR page as well.

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Peace in Christ,

Taylor Burton-Edwards