We're Go for emergingumc: a gathering!


We're going to do this thing.

The number of registrants is still small. Some of our presenters haven't registered yet.

But we have a solid 25 as of this posting (1:47 p.m. Central Time, August 20). This will change how we arrange the schedule. Assuming we don't get much larger (though if you haven't registered, please do so now!), and assuming we don't have any major cancellations, we can reconfigure as we need to and, I think, still have a very meaningful exchange of learning, networking, and community building for the work of the emerging missional church within the UMC and beyond.

So make those plane reservations. And if you haven't registered yet (you know who you are-- if not, it doesn't hurt to call and ask our registrar, Jean Musterman-- 615 -340-7070-- or email jmusterman@gbod.org), do that, too.

See ya in Nashville the first weekend on October!

Peace in Christ,

Taylor Burton-Edwards