Looking for Linux Developers... Now...


A strange request, maybe-- but I really need to talk with a Linux Developer as soon as possible-- someone who would have the clearances to post packages and the understandings of the inner workings of the Linux development process that would be the equivalent of a Master of the Universe (MOTU) for Ubuntu. I really like the way Ubuntu has described their process-- that's the kind of discipline, care, and techical platform I'm looking for-- see their page here:

I don't care if this person is a Christian or whatever-- I need quick and fairly deep training, and then probably ongoing coaching, on this process from a real practitioner of that art, someone who lives and breathes this culture.

Confused yet?

I'm not plotting a career move into Linux development-- I want to use this model to develop the next generation of ritual resources for the UMC and all Christian worshiping communities everywhere ultimately, as all of this will be open source (no copyrights, ever, period!). And I think these kinds of folks have the process down...

Share your comments here, or send me contacts (phone is preferable to me-- I think I really need to talk to someone to explain what I'm trying to do) via email... tburtonedwardsatgboddotorg.

(Yeah, I've finally figured out how NOT to make email addresses online QUITE as subject to spambots-- with thanks to Jay Vorhees).

Thanks for whatever you can do, and whoever you know. And I hope some of y'all do know someone who's doing this stuff!


Taylor Burton-Edwards