A revised, revised schedule and what happens if the event doesn't happen

I'm pleased to report we have an additional presenter to add to our agenda... Don Heatley. His workshop and a bit about the ministry he and his wife are engaged in in New York are included in the revised version below.

What this means is that DG and Jim don't have to present three times in one day-- just twice now-- on top of doing other meal time leadership things.

AND, should the event get cancelled because of low registration as of August 20, and even if it doesn't, we're going to create several other means to get these presentations out to the church-- downloadables, podcasts, video, whatever we can.

Peace in Christ,

Taylor Burton-Edwards

emergingumc: a gathering… v 1.3

a likely (but not final!) schedule
(thanks to DG and mizliz for catching these things!)

thursday october 4

preconference option: a gathering with the nashville Emergent cohort
11:30- 1 @ the flying saucer

registration 3:30-5:30 p.m. at scarritt-bennett

dinner and conversation at scarritt-bennett 5:30-6:30 pm

evening prayer and plenary: 7 p.m.
“streams in the emerging landscape and your ministries:
a conversation and cohortation”

spiritual formation

facilitated by taylor burton-edwards

night prayer: 9:30

friday, october 5

breakfast at scarritt-bennett 7:30 am

morning prayer: 8:30

emerging ministries 1 9:00-10:00
organic gatherings in greater cincinnati dg hollums and gary gibson
indigenous mission in an urban arts community jim walker
emerging in a traditional congregation in west virginia melissa rudolph
an emerging regional young adult network carl thomas gladstone

break 10-10:15

a key group conversation 10:15-11:30
women and emerging/Emergent elizabeth buxton

noon prayer and lunch options 11:30
love feast hosted by dg hollums

emerging ministries 1:00-2:00
what Jesus is teaching us in New York-- don and pam heatley
indigenous mission in an urban arts community jim walker
an emerging regional young adult network carl thomas gladstone
emerging in a traditional congregation in west virginia melissa rudolph

break 2-2:15

a panel conversation: emerging and the institutional church 2:30-3:45
emerging and the um connection susan cox-johnson
pcusa: an ic (formerly) supporting a movement chip andrus
emergingumc and gbod: confessions and hopes taylor burton-edwards

mid-afternoon eucharist 3:45-4:30

emerging ministries 4:30-5:30
organic groups in florence ky dg hollums and gary gibson
what Jesus is teaching us in New York-- don and pam heatley
an emerging regional young adult network carl thomas gladstone
emerging in an institutional church chip andrus

dinner and evening with your cohorts
or bible fight club hosted by jim walker

night prayer (for those who are back) 10 p.m.

saturday, october 6
breakfast at scarritt-bennett 7:30
morning prayer 8:30

spiritual formation options 9:00-10:00
lectio divina
intercessory prayer

a panel conversation: theology and missiology 10:00-11:00
an emerging methodist billy watson
emerging and arminianism jay vorhees
attractionional, extractional,
and missional/incarnational taylor burton-edwards

cohort time and covenant affirmation 11:00

mid-day prayer and sending forth 11:30

so who are these people and why should i care?

dg hollums is the cultural architect for th3waters, a network of organic gatherings based in florence, ky. A recent missional concern is the need to redeploy leadership to make way for more organic gatherings to start multiplying. You can learn more on his blog/website at http://www.th3waters.com

gary gibson
is pastor of florence united methodist church in florence, ky-- the host/planting church with th3waters.

jim walker is a united methodist pastor on pastoral leadership team at hot metal bridge faith community in pittsburgh, pa. One serious missional concern of this community is that it may be growing too fast. See their website at http://www.hotmetalbridge.com.

melissa rudolph is the united Methodist pastor of Leetown UMC, a “traditional” UMC in rural West Virginia that is re-engaging in indigenous ministry in its community. The congregation is online at http://leetnmeth.org

carl thomas gladstone is a united methodist deacon, leader of an emerging young adult ministry at birmingham first umc (detroit area), composer and publisher of new settings of charles wesley hymns, and coordinator of what’s becoming a region-wide network of young adult ministries in the greater detroit area. You can see these ministries online at http://www.emergedetroit.org and http://www.carlthomasgladstone.com.

liz buxton is a middle-aged, gray-headed rural um pastor who tries to gather together folks interested in sharing, debating, and exploring the trajectory of the church, which includes most things emerging and postmodern. she was one of the co-conveners of the Round Barn and virginia beach emerging women conferences and is increasingly looking to the future global church with the hopeful visions of Phyllis Tickle, various bishops and writers, and activists throughout the world. Her son, Ryan, tolerates her comings-and-goings with great charm and wisdom, and her churches just generally graciously tolerate her. she is a blessed woman.

chip andrus was on staff with the office of theology and worship, presbyterian church usa, with a particular focus on nurturing emerging missional churches in the denomination. he is now pastor of first presbyterian church, harrison arkansas.

susan cox-johnson is a united Methodist district superintendent in the missouri annual conference, and an advocate and proponent for emerging missional churches in the um connectional system. her blog is here.

Don Heatley is the pastor, and Pam Heatley is the Director of Ministries of Vision Community Church in Warwick, NY. Begun in 2001 as an R&D faith community of the New York Annual Conference, Vision is continually evolving as a creative agent of God's project in the world. They can be discovered at www.visiblechurch.org and http://donheatley.typepad.com/dons_blog/

billy watson is associate pastor at st. peter’s umc in katy, texas. the church website is http://www.stpeterskaty.org.

jay vorhees is a united methodist pastor in antioch, tennessee, an active participant in Emergent, and keeper of the methoblog.