Membership and Emerging Ministry

I've been an observer to a consultation here in Nashville dealing with issues of ecclesiology, leadership and church membership in the UMC.

One of the persistent themes in the conversation around membership and ecclesiology is a kind of hope that we might find some ways to restore some kind of process for intentionally preparing persons to become professing members in our churches-- something FAR more substantial than the "typical" 2-3 session "new members class" that, as many of us have probably experienced, tends to be more about how the local church works than anything about helping people learn much about say the Trinity, or how to pray, or even basic principles and practices (such as Wesley's General Rules) for growing in grace as disciples of Jesus Christ...

So... what do YOU do, or what might you HOPE to do (if you're not quite there yet) to be prepare folks for a life of discipleship in the covenant commitment of baptism and professing membership?

Peace in Christ,

Taylor Burton-Edwards