Emerging Spiritual Practices


We've noted here at least four streams that seem to provide life and energy to what we call "the emerging missional church"-- missiology (Newbigin, Boff and issues of indigineity), theology (McLaren, Pagitt, Tickle and others at the convergence of post-conservative and post-liberal Protestant theologies), worship (as influenced by both post-modern and ancient/future impulses), and spiritual formation (Dianne Butler Bass, Dallas Willard, and others refocusing us on personal devotional practices).

As I review our postings over the last year or so, we've done a bit of sharing here in three of these streams, but not much in the fourth.

Consider this an invitation to start that conversation-- and sharing of resources.

And I'll share a couple podcasts I've found as well.

The Daily Office Podcast-- from the Order of Saint Luke, just began last week, and seems to have some really interesting possibilities. Available at the link listed (on the Order of Saint Luke website, for RSS subscription), as a download (instructions available) and from iTunes (look up Daily Office in the online store). Updated weekly. Music varies week to week, and is from the Podsafe Music Network. Scripture is based on the Psalm and one of the readings from the previous Sunday.

Morning Prayer from the Episcopal Church in Garrett County, MD is an iTunes podcast, updated daily. Noon Prayer and Compline are also available, along with morning prayer, as mp3 downloads here.

I'd imagine y'all are aware of a lot more of this kind of thing than I am. Let's share what we've found!

Peace in Christ,

Taylor Burton-Edwards