Gathering your ideas... and steam!


Several of you who've indicated interest in developing a workshop/presentation for our upcoming gathering have sent in your initial outlines for that. Thanks! I'm still awaiting a few more-- you know who you are... ; )

And our numbers here at emergingumc are continuing to grow almost daily now. Thanks to Mark Calhoun for a post to the GBOD website that has called attention to our blog and a good number of others. Thanks, too, to Shane over at wesleyblog who also hosts the Methodist Blogroll that now includes us.

We're also getting some more inter-agency attention here at GBOD. Several folks from the Division on Ministry with Young People have indicated strong interest in exploring ways we can partner together-- while being fully aware that "emerging" ISN'T the "next big thing to reach the next generation" or just or even primarily about youth and young adults-- but rather about missiology and ecclesiology and theology and liturgy that more fully embodies the possibilities of the kingdom of God wherever and among whomever it is found.

Thanks again for all you're doing and exploring. And always feel free to post such things here-- if your name is listed on the Team Members on the right side of this page, that means you can start your own posts here as well! This blog is yours, and ours... open space for exploration and conversation and planning.

Peace in Christ,

Taylor Burton-Edwards