Emergingumc-- A Gathering?

Sisters and brothers,

I'm looking to help convene a gathering in the next year of us and others-- UM and others, but especially UM-- who are either actively engaging or exploring emerging models of worship, ministry, and mission. I'm thinking the purpose of this gathering is mutual learning, fellowship, and exploration of possibilities of support from GBOD and from each other. We're looking at summer or fall of 2007 most likely, venue to be decided. What I'd like to hear from you either here in this blog or via email (tburtonedwards@gbod.org) is:

1) what you'd like to share at such a gathering,

2)what you'd hope to receive,

3) and what next steps after such a gathering would be most helpful to you to make the gathering more of a catalytic time for your ministries than simply time apart.

I'm looking forward to your replies!

Peace in Christ,

Taylor Burton-Edwards