Shameless Plug

We've just added a new facet to the ministry of The Gathering: podcasts. Originally we wanted to post the audio for the full services online, but copyright issues prevented us from doing so. We have been able to put up the messages, however. You can check out our podcasts at The Gathering's website .

While I've got your attention, I must say I'm of mixed feelings on doing this. One part of me does not like what putting only sermons on the web communicates theologically about the nature of worship. Is the sermon the most important thing? This is certainly a hallmark of the whole "contemporary worship" thing, but The Gathering is emergent, and we are trying to get away from that.

On the other hand, The Gathering is designed to be a communal experience that engages the senses and provides a group encounter with God. One can not get the full experience without being present, and the message is the most portable aspect of the service and the only part that really translates in the podcasting format.

What do you all think? Is there something I haven't thought of here? I'd also love any feedback about the site, the podcasts, or whatever. Have a blessed Holy Week.