checking in for 1st time

Hi all. Just checking in, like many of you I have more questions than answers but I think that's one way God draws us in (good thing postmodern thought embraces mystery!). Don't have specific questions yet but thought I'd fill you in about what we are up to. Someone asked if anyone has grown an emerging church from within an existing church. I'm sure it's happening but we are trying a different approach. I've been appointed as an associate in charge of planting a second-site congregation. Now most second sites are located in a new geographic area, we are planting in the same neighborhood but intent on reaching a whole new people group: multicultural postmoderns. It's a God sized task but one supported by the conference, district and local church. The new thing is called TheBridge a new faith community of Monumental UMC. Monumental is a 230+ year old congregation with an average age of 60. They've tried hard to get younger people to come in, and now we are going out to where they are. We are just getting started and I welcome your prayers, comments, and support.