NW Iowa

My name is Mike Janes, and I'm the lead pastor of a new congregation formed after two churches (each averaging 100-120 in worship) united a little over a year ago. Our current worship service (traditional, sermon-at-the-end format) has as many people as our current space will allow us to have, so we're looking to add another service this fall. Our goal is to do something different than our current service. We don't want to/aren't in a position to go the contemporary route, and because we want to open some contemplative doors to people, emerging worship has some appeal (if we could figure out what it looks like). A couple of questions exist in our minds, such as whether our part of the world is ready for something like this and whether we've done adequate groundwork of building a contemplative/worship for God's sake not our own atmosphere within our own congregation to handle an ancient-future worship.

If anybody has suggestions of readings and/or churches already doing this worship in NW Iowa, SW Minnesota, South Dakota, or Nebraska, let us know!