Kernersville, NC

Hello, all! This is my first blogging experience, so forgive me if I "violate the rules of blogging!"

Here at Main Street UMC in Kernersville, NC we have a book club that meets at the local Panera Bread. Unfortunately, they are an autonomous group, and some of their book selections are way out there. But, the ladies are all members of our church, and invite any visitors to the book club to attend worship.

We have had a praise & worship service going for 3 1/2 years now. It has not been the 'seeker service' I envisioned when I helped get it started. We are in the process now (under a new Sr. Pastor) of slowly converting the service. Getting lots of gripes from the current attenders, of course. Why is it that our church members feel such a sense of entitlement, with so little interest in evangelism?? (I guess if we could answer that, we'd all be bishops!!)

I'm glad to be a part of the blog. Thanks for doing this!