Better questions instead of answers

Hello friends. My name is Matt and I'm one of the pastor at Crievewood UMC here in Nashville. We are beginning an emerging worship service in March called The Gathering on March 5. You can check out our site here. Admittedly I am nervous about this new endeavor because there is so much that is unknown right now. Who will come? Will this truly meet people's spiritual needs or will it just be another neat program?

Over the last year and a half our church has been involved in an intentional discernment process to figure out where God is leading us next. The Gathering is one of the directions we believe we are being led in. A few folks have said "we hope this will be the answer to the problems we've been having". It's my hope that instead of being an answer, or even a place where we try to provide answers (which always end up being cheap, if you ask me), it will be a place where we can learn to ask better questions about who God is and why we're here at all. I'll be sure to keep you updated on how this all plays out.

Grace and Peace,

PS- Big golf clap for Taylor for setting this up.