Welcome to the conversation...

Welcome to the "new beginning" of an online conversation we're facilitating at the General Board of Discipleship on the challenges, issues, and learnings around the topic of what's now being called "emerging worship." Some of you here began this conversation some months ago with Dan Benedict, prior to his retirement late last summer. A good number of you have requested to be part of a conversation like this only in the recent weeks or even days.

I'm grateful for all of you, and looking forward to what we can learn from each other in this conversation.

To get us started, let me ask you to share something about the place where you serve in worship and one question you'd like to place before us all (there are about 70 of us on the list as of now). I'll start-- I'm Taylor Burton-Edwards, Director of Worship Resources with the General Board of Discipleship of the United Methodist Church. My question (in addition to the question above!) is about what has gotten you interested in exploring "emerging worship"-- is it PRIMARILY about worship, or evangelism, or mission, or spiritual formation? I ask this, because as I've been wandering the "emerging church" sites in the blogosphere, what I've observed so far is that depending on where you start your journey, where your primary interests lie, you may end up in different places and different kinds of conversations along the way. So having a sense of your starting place will help me, and others perhaps, interact with you more effectively.

Again, welcome, (or re-welcome!). And let's get started!

Peace in Christ,

The Rev. Taylor Burton-Edwards
Director of Worship Resources
General Board of Discipleship

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