Taylor, thanks for setting up this blog. I admit to being one of those who eagerly read the emails that had come out but who never contributed much. My name is Beth Perry and I'm the pastor of First Church Baldwin UM on Long Island in New York. In my previous appointment, we had moved to a "blended" worship service after much research and conversation and trial and error. When I moved here a year and a half ago, this congregation had a very formal, traditional service and I found myself in a worship vacuum! I've made several changes and others have made some and we now have a less formal and slightly more spirited traditional service. But it still is far from something that speaks to youth or young adults.
What I find most interesting about it all is that when we have conversations about changing worship, people say they only want traditional worship. But when I make worship experiential without telling anyone I'm changing the traditional format, they love it! Has anyone else had that experience? And what did you do about it?