From the B in the MI

Here at Birmingham First UMC (B'ham, MICHIGAN that is!) I am helping lead a new young adult community in some worship on Thursdays. We are trying specifically to reclaim practices such as regular communion and Wesleyan hymnody as a part of our participation in the emerging church.

You can see some of who we are here. The Wesley Project is also part of this life together. As a singer/songwriter I've tried to supply our community with new settings for some Wesleyan hymn texts that are both familiar and not so. Visit here to hear, and to see some texts/charts. Feel free to use them if they strike you as useful! We'll be working on a studio album of these songs soon.

Another part of our reclaiming of heritage is our Late Night Bible Studies. Birmingham First got its start in the local pub here in town way back in the 1800s when B'ham was known as Piety Hill. So we thought we'd return to the current Dick O'Dows tavern for some discussion of the bible. It's great to have people walk by googly-eyed and ask, "Are those bibles? Is that allowed here?" We say yes and invite them to sit down :)

In that light, have any of you had success or experience bringing the emerging church out into the public square (a practice Brother John might just applaud in contrast to our Sunday mornings hunkered-down-in-the-pews)?

Thanks and peace,