Thursday, February 26, 2009

emergingumc, a gathering, 2: Where? When?


In ongoing conversations with several of you, online and offline, I'm looking most seriously right now at 4 possible venues for our second gathering...

Indianapolis, Indiana (home of Lockerbie Central UMC)

Greater Cincinnati Area (near Th3Waters/Florence UMC and several other connections)

Dallas, TX (home of Perkins/SMU and the methemergentlab)

and back here in Nashville, TN (home of country music among other things!)

So... I'm asking y'all to help me decide location among these viable options. (Technically, I have to make the final call, but I want all the input and reflection on that possible).

AND... I'm needing from you as well a sense of when in late fall would work best for you to be part of this gathering...

For me right now the available times are:
October 1-3
October 8-10 (but this might be the same as an emergent event-- but can't tell since the calendar on emergentvillage is down... anyone know?)
October 22-24-- would coincide with Action Day (October 24)
November 12-14

These are all Thursday-Saturday time frames.... chosen because that's what we chose for last time based on your input, but that's up for discussion!

So... Where... and When?

Peace in Christ,

Taylor Burton-Edwards


MJCauley said...


I already have tickets for catalyst conference the first week in Oct. I personally like the Nov. date. As far as location, if Atlanta is out as the cheapest place to fly to in the US, perhaps Nashville since its served by Southwest?

That my 2 cents worth!

Wesley said...

My vote is Nashville or Dallas, in that order of preference. I like the Nov. date also.

Looking forward to this!

mike oles said...

Hi all.

I think all the options are good ones. I do like the November date the best also.

I would like to make the argument for Indianapolis (I am one of the leaders at lockerbie central umc)

1. If Lockerbie central umc was to host the conference there would be several advantages


LCUMC is located downtown and about a fifteen minute drive from the airport. indy's airport is relatively cheap and user friendly.

We are walking distance from indy's best hotels/bars/nightlife/restaurants. our congregation would also be committed to housing anyone who wants to avoid lodging expenses.

The Building:

LCUMC is in a relatively large and historic building and one of the few umcs to have totally committed our church and building to the emergent/missional conversation/movement.

We have an all organic/fair trade coffee shop and cafe at the church and can get cheap and very healthy catering right in the building.(or we can cook the food ourselves.)

We have a great historic sanctuary that has just been updated (no pews!) and can host everything from concerts to films to mass yoga and meditation classes. our coffee shop space is over 2000 square feet and also hosts a great art gallery. we also have a decent sized meditation room/yoga studio and a great basement space and a good number of smaller rooms for breakout sessions.

we also have wireless internet and a computer/media lab.

We also have hosted a number of emergent events including last year's JESUS FOR PRESIDENT tour with Shane Claibourne and The Church Basement Roadshow with Doug Paggitt and Tony Jones

we have a great relationship with the local media (we have been featured on the cover of NUVO (Indy's alternative weekly), the Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis Monthly, and on a few Tv stations. I have a feeling that we could get good local coverage of the conference.

check out our website: and our arts/wellness/social justice iniative that we host: for more information

ed said...

My vote is for Indianapolis or Cincinnati, Nashville as a third. Timing really is not a concern for me. I think it wold be great to be in a place where some of the things we're talking about are happening, such as Indy or Cincy. (Plus they're very drivable for me.)

ed said...

After hearing the pluses of Lockerbie Central UMC, I'm all in favor of Indianapolis

Katie Z. said...

Yeah, I'm extremely interested in seeing what has been done in Indianapolis.

All of the weekends seem to look fine for me.

April Casperson said...

Just FYI: Exploration 2009 is November 13-15, 2009, in Dallas, Texas.

So that may affect your date and/or location.

Thanks and Peace,

cwatke said...

I'd love to join the conversation, and would love to learn more about the emergingumc gathering plans so I can make my plans to attend.

I am a UMC local pastor in Augusta, GA, and am very interested in emerging congregational development, alternative worship, use of the arts in worship. I follow what is happening in the UK with the Fresh Expressions movement.

Cynthia Watke

Warren said...

I would also love to join this conversation. I'll be at GBHEM's Exploration is in Dallas Nov 13-15, so a meeting in Dallas immediately prior to this would be super convenient for me!!

gavin richardson said...

as a nashvillian, i'd be happy to not do something in nashville. though that would make an october date hard to make. i think where ever we go we can find some host spots.

i've got more friends in dallas and cincy to bum a bed from. &:~)

VintageFranks said...

i could do Dallas in November.