Sunday, April 16, 2006

He Is Risen!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Taylor Burton-Edwards said...

I'd love to hear how y'all provided leadership for/participated in the Three Days where you serve... Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday/Great Vigil, and Easter...

But I'll be more than glad to wait a few days... I KNOW how joyfully exhausting this week can be for pastors and worship leaders!

Peace in our Risen Lord,

Taylor Burton-Edwards

mizliz said...

We had, as most of us have had, a busy Holy Week. The two churches combine their Maundy Thursday, Tenebrae, Vigil, and Easter sunrise services and then hold their separate regular Easter services. And we had two funerals and a wedding added on, so it was a very busy Holy Week. I am blessed with an energetic, enthusiastic music/worship leader and we have music carry a fair amount of the load and Easter was poignant, bittersweet, profound, radiant, and powerful as the service warranted. We have the Tenebrae service with the dimming of the candles along with the readings from John 18-19 and for the second time we have the Easter Vigil on Saturday night. My part of the world has a burn ban and the bonfire was out, so the kids lit sparklers (supervised) and the adults used candles like the Christmas Eve candlelighting service. On Sunday (after the ecumenical community Sunrise service and breakfast) we baptized four, received two into membership, and one eighty-year old matriarch of the smaller church reaffirmed her baptismal vows. A big day for our churches! Easter Sunday is also the one Sunday a year we 'pass the peace' because we are VERY friendly and have a hard time conceptually with just passing the peace of Christ and not catching up on where all the grandkids are and how Aunt Gertie is - a good problem, too friendly but this one Sunday we throw caution and time to the wind and go for it! Homiletically, we have explored the loving sacrifice, the cost of the gift of grace, and the commandment to, in thanksgiving and honor of Christ's sacrifice for us, love one another as we have so graphically and generously been shown we are loved. It is exhausting but folks tangentially connected to the church community have pulled me aside and/or their family/friends for conversations about relationships and transformations in Christ, so I'm not even considering complaining. Christ is risen; risen indeed. Alleluia and amen!

pastorgreg said...

Maundy Thursday was awesome.
We followed the general outline from the book of worship with a few differences. Only two folks showed up but God made an appearrance and that made it wonderful. For the last two years no one attended the Good Friday service so we did not have one this year. The community service at the CHristian Church was again an amazing experience. THe new pastor from the Baptist church came and led us in song. THE pastor of the Christian church preached and I was blessed to lead the Holy COmmunion prtion of the service. THis has been going each year for over 45 years. The Baptist pastor has a very on Baptist approach to Communion. I feel that He and his wife will be a great addition to the community.
Easter at Dean was again a wonderful time. People that have been gone for a couple of years came back and it was like they had never been gone. One person that has been sort of on the perifery has decided to step up and take a more active role in the church.
It seems that things are jsut now really starting to take off here and I am probably leaving in June

pastorgreg said...

Just an add on we lost our church musician two weeks before Holy Week and I ahd to fall back on my guitar. So far it is working out ok. I just wish I could read music.

billyinTX said...

For the three years I have been serving at St. Peter's we have held services throughout Holy Week, though the largest crowds certianly fall during the Tridium. We began on Palm Sunday night with a presentation of the Seven Last Words of Christ by our Combined Choirs and Orchestra. Monday night was a Lectio Divina type contemplative service that another associate here puts together each year. On Tuesday night our music director led a Taize service. I lead a weekly Wednesday night teaching service. We followed the BOW for a Maundy Thursday Communion service and a Good Friday Tenebrae. We also held a prayer vigil from 9:00 p.m. on Thursday until 3:00 p.m. on Friday, which was supplemented again this year with a very well designed adaptation of the Stations of the Cross by our prayer ministry. We added a service on Saturday night, which was our modern service, the harbor. It was a Holy Saturday service, not an early Easter celebration, contemplative in nature with no sermon, only songs interspersed among readings, scriptures, and liturgy. We had the Stations of the Cross from the Thursday/Friday vigil arranged around the worship space. Then we had our usual Sunrise Service (our other associate built the service using the Service of Light from BOW--first time for me, and very powerful), and three morning services, with our times slightly adjusted to accomidate traffic. It was a blessed Holy Week and Easter Celebration here, as I hope and pray it was for all of you.